2023.06.14 公告

Zhuhai Chimelong Resort



Parking Instructions



In order to maintain the parking and traffic order in Zhuhai Chimelong Resort (hereinafter referred to as the "Resort") and create a civilized, safe and good holiday environment, the following provisions are hereby formulated:



1. All motor vehicles entering the Resort are subject to these instructions, except special vehicles (fire engines, police cars, ambulances, etc.).

1.      凡进入度假区的机动车辆均需遵守本须知的规定,但执行任务的特殊车辆(消防车、警车、救护车等)除外。


2. Motor vehicles such as motorcycles, motor bikes, motor or electric tricycles are not allowed to enter the Resort, except special vehicles such as motor wheelchairs for disabled persons and motor or electric tricycles for carrying goods approved by the Resort.

2.  摩托车、电单车、机动或电动三轮车等骑行类机动车不得进入度假区,但供残疾人使用的机动轮椅车等特殊车辆及经度假区批准运载货物的机动或电动三轮车除外。


3. The parking lots in the Resort only provide space for temporary parking of vehicles and are not responsible for the custody of vehicles and property inside.

3.  度假区内各停车场仅提供场地作车辆临时停放,不负责对车辆和车内财物进行保管。


4. Vehicles entering the Resort shall be registered according to the entry and exit procedures (or electronic automatic registration), the drivers shall cooperate with the Resort management personnel to make vehicle inspection records, and consciously comply with their guidance and arrangement, and park the car according to the delineated or designated parking spaces. It is strictly prohibited to park randomly.

4.      进入度假区的车辆,须按进出场程序进行登记(或电子自动登记),驾驶人员须配合度假区管理人员做好车辆检查记录,并请自觉遵守度假区管理人员的指挥安排,按照划定或指定的车位停放,严禁乱停乱放。


5. Vehicles entering the Resort are not allowed to honk, overtake other vehicles or drive at a speed of more than 15km/h.

5.      车辆进入度假区后禁止鸣号,不得超车行驶,行驶速度不得超过15公里/小时。


6. When the vehicle is parked and the personnel leave, please lock the doors and windows well, open the anti-theft system and adjust it to the alert state, and take away the valuables and relevant documents inside.

6.      车辆停好且人员离开时请锁好门窗,开启防盗系统并将其调整到警备状态,带走车内贵重物品及相关证件。


7. Please take good care of the facilities, equipment and greenery in the resort. Compensation according to the cost price will be charged for any damage.

7.      请自觉爱护度假区内各种设施设备、绿化等,如有损坏需照价赔偿。


8. Please take good care of the environmental hygiene in the resort. It is forbidden to litter paper scraps, cigarette butts, garbage and litter.

8.      请自觉爱护度假区内环境卫生,禁止乱丢纸屑、烟头、垃圾及弃置废杂物等。


9. It is strictly prohibited to test run, learn to drive, refuel and clean vehicles in the resort. In case of sudden failure and simple maintenance of vehicles in the resort, it is necessary to ensure that the passage and safety of others will not be affected.

9.      严禁在度假区内试车、学车、加油及清洗车辆,如因突发故障需要在度假区内对车辆进行简易维修的,需确保不影响他人通行和安全。


10. Dangerous goods and prohibited goods (including but not limited to fireworks, firecrackers, gasoline, diesel and other inflammable and explosive goods as well as other harmful, poisonous, guns, etc.) are strictly prohibited from carrying in vehicles while entering the resort, except vehicles with special approval.

10.   进入度假区的车辆严禁装载危险物品和违禁物品(包括但不限于烟花、爆竹、汽油、柴油等易燃易爆物品及其它有害物、有毒物、枪支等),但经特殊批准的车辆除外。


11. Approved tanker trucks and other vehicles carrying dangerous goods shall park in designated areas after entering the Resort and shall not enter the common vehicle parking area.

11.  经批准的油罐车及其它装载危险物品的车辆进入度假区后必须在指定地点停放,不得进入普通车辆停放区域停放。


12. Vehicles with oil leaks or other safety hazards are prohibited from entering the resort.

12.   禁止漏油或存在其它安全隐患的车辆进入度假区。


13. In order to ensure the safety of vehicles and visitors in the Resort, the management of the Resort has the right to check suspicious vehicles entering or parking in the Resort within the scope permitted by law.

13.   为确保车辆及度假区游客安全,度假区管理人员有权在法律许可的范围内,对进入或停放在度假区内的可疑车辆进行核查。


14. To ensure safety, no person is allowed to stay overnight in a vehicle parked in the Resort.

14.   为确保安全,任何人不得在停放于度假区内的车辆内留宿过夜。


15. Vehicles entering the Resort are prohibited to deploy ancillary facilities outside the vehicle that are not conducive to the passage of pedestrians and other vehicles. It is prohibited to hang clothes outside the vehicle and use high decibel facilities to make noises, etc.

15.   进入度假区的车辆禁止展开车身以外不利于行人及其他车辆通行的附属设施,禁止在车身以外悬挂衣物和使用高分贝设施制造噪音等。


16. RV campsites are not available in the Resort for the time being. RV entering the Resort can only be allowed for temporary parking. No site in the Resort can be used as RV campsites, and the same management regulations shall be applied to RV in compliance with ordinary vehicles.

16.   度假区内暂不具备房车(旅居车)营地条件,进入度假区的房车仅可作临时停放,不得将度假区内的任何场地作为房车营地使用,且应遵守与普通车辆相同的管理规定。


17 No one is allowed to start a fire or cook food in the parking lot of the Resort, or use water, electricity and other facilities in the parking lot of the Resort without permission.

17. 任何人禁止在度假区停车场内动火、煮食,未经许可禁止接用度假区停车场内的水、电等设施。


18. Vehicles entering the Resort must comply with the traffic laws and regulations and the Parking Instructions, drive carefully and park orderly.

18. 进入度假区的车辆均须遵守交通法规和本须知的规定,谨慎驾驶并有序停放。


If any vehicle causes personal or property damage to itself or others due to illegal driving or parking in the resort, the driver shall be liable in accordance with the law.



19. If any vehicle entering the Resort does not obey the direction or arrangement of the Resort management or does not comply with the regulations governing the driving and parking of the vehicle, the Resort management has the right to require the driver to drive out of the Resort immediately.

19. 进入度假区的车辆如不服从度假区管理人员指挥、安排或不遵守车辆行驶、停放管理规定的,度假区管理人员有权要求其立即驶离度假区。


20. Violating vehicles and their drivers who refuse to listen to the dissuasion will be reported to the public security for further handling according to law.

20. 违规车辆及其驾驶人员不听从劝阻的,将依法报公安机关处理。


21. The Parking Instructions shall be formulated, revised and interpreted by Zhuhai Chimelong Resort and shall take effect as of the date of promulgation.

21. 本停车须知由珠海长隆度假区制定并负责修订和解释,自公布之日起实行。